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Bookmarker with Single Pen Compartment & Pouch

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Bookmarker with Pencil/ Pen Compartment & Pouch  is Fundraisers & Gift Ideas

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Product Description

Product Description/ 品說: –

A lot of people is carry a book.  When reading, people normally stopped at a page somewhere.  This bookmarker is very helpful as it can be used to mark where the person has stopped reading.   Additionally, it also has 1 cute compartment so the person can slot a pen and even put some small sticky notes together with the pen or pencil.

驚驚這樣說, 很多人是這樣的: 喜歡看書,所以總是隨身帶的書;喜歡看書,所以愛惜書,不忍心它有一點小摺痕; 喜歡看書,所以利用小空擋時間看書、努力做筆記; 所以很多人都需要,一個可以保護書的書籤和小筆袋,小小的,可愛的、好用的書籤筆袋。

規格/ Dimension:6.3 *21cm+-5mm

材質/ Material:棉布、純棉帆布、彈性織帶、驚驚公仔
Made of Cotton canvas, elastic webbing, comes with JingJing doll

Additional Information

Dimensions 6.3 x 21 x 5 cm

Red, Purple, Blue, Orange, Green, Black


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