Love Bathing


Hello All, we’re I-Joy ball pen LINE friend members, Choco, Sally, Cony, and Brown

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As a super geeky Line friends fan, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you all our very first Line Friends ball pen from very own l-Joy series

Choco(チョコ Choko) is a female bear who is a new member of LINE friends. She is Brown‘s younger sister.

Sally(サリー Sarī)is a female chick who is the fifth main member of LINE friends. She is Brown‘s tag-along buddy who also gets a lot of attention from him.

Cony(コニー Konī)is a female rabbit who is a second main member of LINE friends. She is Brown‘s wife & Jessica‘s best friend

Brown(ブラウン Buraun)is a male bear who is a third main member of LINE friends. He is Cony‘s husband, Moon‘s best friend and Choco‘s elder brother.

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作為超線朋友的粉絲,我們想藉此機會向您介紹我們所有的第一款Line Friends圓珠筆,它們都是來自l-Joy系

–  Choco(チョコChoko)是LINE的新朋友,是一位女性熊。她是Brown’s的妹妹

– Sally(サリーSarī)是一位女性小雞,她是LINE朋友的第五位主要成員。她是Brown’s的偶像夥伴,也得到了他的很多關注。

– Cony(コニーKonī)是一位女性兔子,是LINE朋友的第二個主要成員。她是Brown’s的妻子和Jessica’s最好的朋友

– Brown’s(ブラウンBuraun)是LINE的朋友的第三個主要成員的男性熊。他是Cony的丈夫,Moon的最好朋友和Choco的哥哥。

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