Cutie Coin Bag
Cutie Coin Bag (Red with Black Strike)Cutie Coin Bag (Red with White Strike)Cutie Coin Bag (Orange with Green Strike)Cutie Coin Bag (Orange with White Strike)Cutie Coin Bag (Purple with Mabel Strike)Cutie Coin Bag (Purple with Black Strike)Coin Bag (Black with Red Strike)Coin Bag (Black with White Strike)

Cutie Coin Bag

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This coin bag can be used for storing credit cards, coins, small notes and documents

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Product Description

Product Description/ 品說: –

Wallet is to put the colorful notes, credit cards and documents, but heavy open-minded to change, because it is more secure, but also more convenient. Jingjing Tottenham purse can put a lot of change, dig change when I saw the lovely Jingjing will be very happy, I like the happy feeling.


規格/ Dimension:4.5 x 6 x 11 cm

材質/ Material:棉布、純棉帆布、織帶、驚驚公仔
Cotton, cotton canvas, ribbon, JingJing doll

Additional Information

Dimensions 4.5 x 6 x 11 cm

Red, Purple, Orange, Black, Blue


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