DG Studio.com: #GOVOTE: CUBE vs. MUKA


VOTE Time🙏✅☑️✔️

Your Vote is important to us and what innovations are valued most; We believe in the ability of brands to bring meaningful innovation to our products, and increasingly value the endorsement of other Fans and Friends

How it works:
– Vote for your favorite new I-Gen Series product.
– Voters ONLY can vote one.
– This voting page can be shared via email distribution list, social media channels (Facebook, Whatapps, etc.) and on company websites. Please be sure to tag us!
– Products were selected based on uniqueness to the market, packaging enhancements, on-trend flavor profile, Fans and Friends need and better-for-you ingredients. Products were NOT selected based off of samples. Seasonal, limited-time only or special-edition products not applicable.

# This poll ends in 6 days

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