When everyone feels involved, it’s a real family matter

When everyone feels involved, it’s a real family matter.

Why not let our love one/ children take charge as fashion designer for us for this coming RAYA, how to wear and which bags to matching and etc…? It engages them in the family matter, making them feel valuable and giving a sense of responsibility. It’s also an inspiring introduction to the loving ritual of preparing and sharing fashion ideas together.

We’ve got you covered; our Bags Specialist/ consultants are happily to share to you his/her tips to make you yourself and family transforming in styles for during this coming RAYA then.

How? Do visiting our best-selling on-line shop and feel free to posting your questions, our consultant / specialist is happily to provide you and your family members the tips of the best trend in global market or drop-by to meeting the in person for every Saturday D’pulze Cyberjaya Car Boot Sale @1500-2000.RayaPromotions

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