5 more days to end month is approaching!

Which means our monthly LEPAQ event will be taking place.
When? 29th June and what time the event start and end; is from 12noon till midnight. Any charges? is FREE ENTRANCE; and, you’re hearing it right is FREE ENTRANCE!!!

If you have missed; last month LEPAQ Raya Edition, so mark your dates and be sure to be on Tamarind Square, The Barn, Level 4. (one level above BookXcess)

What’s so special about this event? Well, you have a chance of meeting up our DG Studio Bag & Sunglasses Specialist to share with you on our 2019 Summer collection with a unique design is ready for whatever and make you look outstanding. Spaces let you store everything and bring what you want. Besides that, there’ll be some amazing food trucks, an outdoor movie screening, and busking performance!LEPAQ_09

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