TARPS Shoulder Bag


each of I-Gen TARPS Shoulder UP-CYCLED bags are uniquely designed – and unique logo with letterpress. Handcrafted from our heart.

Product Description

Each of I-Gen TARPS Shoulder up-cycled bags are uniquely designed – and unique logo with letterpress. The high-end bags also come with a 2 types of strap pattern; Black Mesh (Net) Strap & Black Belt (Nylon) Strap and came with 10 different colors that can bring you to the utmost fashion trend to your daily life. Handcrafted from our heart,

商品說明: –

每款I-Gen TARPS單肩包均採用手工製作而成,設計獨特 – 獨特的凸版標識。高端包包還有兩種錶帶圖案; 黑色網眼(網狀)錶帶和黑色腰帶(尼龍)錶帶,有十種不同的顏色,可以為您的日常生活帶來最大的時尚潮流。

規格/ Dimension: 29cm(W)x 18cm(H)x 7cm(D) 
                with 2 Strap Adjustable pattern: Weight: 340g

Material/材質:100% Tarpaulin/篷布 & WATERPROOF/防水 


Additional Information

Weight .34 kg
Dimensions 7 x 29 x 18 cm

DG-TP01, DG-TP01A, DG-TP02, DG-TP02A, DG-TP03, DG-TP03A, DG-TP04, DG-TP04A, DG-TP05, DG-TP05A, DG-TP06, DG-TP06A, DG-TP07, DG-TP07A, DG-TP08, DG-TP08A, DG-TP09, DG-TP10, DG-TP10A


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